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Gas liquid filter net and its products

Detailed Product Description:

Gas-liquid filter net, also known as: gas-liquid, breaking foam net, filter net, knotted net, it is actually to traditional sweater knitting knitting method improved woven wire mesh. Phi 0.08~ diameter of 0.50 round wire or pressed into the flat woven wire, wire diameter phi is less than or equal to 0.30mm can multi ply knitting, form of multi strand knitting but also metal wire and fiber ply knitting.


Stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, copper wire, phosphorus copper wire, nickel wire, nylon yarn, polyester yarn, F46 wire, polyethylene wire, metal wire and non metal wire interwoven.


Applicable to petroleum, oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ships, cars, tractors and other industrial distillation, absorption, evaporation, filtration process to eliminate entrained in a vapor or gas droplets and liquid foam, and cars and tractors used as air filter cleaner.

1, silk by the range: 0.07mm-0.55mm (commonly used by the silk is: 0.20mm-0.25mm) in addition, there are many strands twisted together.

2, open hole size: from (2 * 3mm) to (4 x 5mm) to (12 x 6mm) also can be according to customer requirements to open hole size to fine tune. The hole form is a large hole and a small hole arrangement (cross hole size in the length direction is the same, not the same width)

3, the surface condition of the gas - liquid filter net: the flat net face and the corrugated corrugated net face (the width and depth of the corrugated) have different specifications.

4, the width of gas liquid filter network: 80mm, 100mm, 40mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, etc..

5, gas-liquid filter net of main material: stainless steel wire has AISI201, 202, 301, 302, 304, 304L, 321, 316 and 316L, pure nickel wire, titanium wire, Monel, galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire and cotton or plastic, PP, PC, PE, PVC, PTFE.

HG/T21618-1998 wire mesh filter mesh specifications are: SP, DP, HR, HP type four standard specifications. HG5-1404, HG5-1406, HG5-1405, standard number for the Q/SG12-1-79. The standard of three types of gas - liquid network, namely, standard, efficient and high penetration type. For users with the kinds of non-standard braid, such as stocks, eds., the various shapes of sealing mat, sleeve,, we can according to the mesh size and the wire diameter customization.




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