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Filter mesh, mesh tube

Detailed Product Description:

To filter net, net tube material is divided into: stainless steel wire mesh, cloth, copper wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, stainless steel braid, black wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh and other metal, and so on.

Type: there are single, multi - layer; according to the shape into a round, rectangular, waist shaped, oval, etc.

Uses: used in rubber, plastics industry, grain and oil screening, etc. our company can supply all kinds of filter films, including single, multilayer. Multilayer mesh has double layer, three layer, or by request processing. At the same time also can be rectangular, square mesh processing of various materials and sizes, ring belt.

Mesh sheet applicable industry: widely used in "chemical fiber spinning, superfine fiber, leather, cloth, color masterbatch, PVC plastic granulator, sheet extrusion, rubber, carbon fiber and other melt filter.

Material is divided into: textile fiber mesh and stainless steel mesh, galvanized iron mesh, copper mesh, nickel mesh, aluminum and so on.

Features: direct filtration, simple process, good air permeability, accuracy, stability, no leakage, good regeneration, regeneration speed, easy installation, high efficiency, long service life.

Uses: mainly used in air conditioning, purifier, smoke lampblack machine, air cleaner, dehumidifiers, and dust collector, and so on for various filter, dust removal and separation requirements, applicable to the filtration of petroleum, chemical, mining, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Filtering net tube, also known as the metal filter screen barrel, network management, network barrels, filter, by stainless steel wire mesh, iron net, stainless steel plate, iron plate welding and.

Multiple uses of filter cartridge:

1) catalyst filtration and separation;

2) high temperature gas filter, the filter of the boiling bed of petrochemical plant, and the catalytic cracking oil slurry filtration;

3) purification of high temperature flue gas in metallurgical industry;

4) other high temperature gas and liquid filtration;

5) filtration of various high temperature, corrosive liquid and catalyst in petrochemical industry;

6) filtration and purification of various polymer melts in chemical fiber film industry;

7) filtration and separation of various catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry;

8) for gas distribution, liquid bed plate material;

9) used for high pressure and reverse flushing oil filter, etc.;

10) to filter the various kinds of slurry for edible oil, beverage and food;

11) for purifying and filtering the production wastewater.

过滤网片,网筒  过滤网片,网筒

过滤网片,网筒  过滤网片,网筒

过滤网片,网筒  过滤网片,网筒

过滤网片,网筒  过滤网片,网筒

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