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Decorative mesh

Detailed Product Description:

Decorative wire mesh is widely used, which can be used for building facade, partitions, ceiling, sun shading, balcony and corridors, column surface decoration, shutter, stair and hotel, office, exhibition hall, shops and other high-grade interior decoration.

Decorative wire mesh, also known as the metal screen, to its texture, simple, functional and fashion unique decorative elements makes the construction area of the use of and demand continues to expand, with rich experience and weaving technology as the foundation, continuous innovation, to provide you with a selection of a variety of materials, a variety of weaving and various types of decoration net.

Can be divided into metal net curtain, metal curtain, metal curtain, copper curtain, hanging curtain, spiral metal net curtain, metal decoration net curtain, metal curtain wall curtain net, ceilings, ceiling metal net curtain.

Architectural decoration net Zhengyang developed the first product can is the original color of the metal, can also be sprayed plots into bronze, brass, copper purplish red and other color, height can be optionally set.

It can be used for decorative nets: huangtongwang, ring belt, foot pedal mesh, mesh belt, crimped wire mesh, partnership network.

Metal mesh curtain is a new type of building decoration materials, the use of high quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and other alloy materials, prepared by special process,

Because of its metal wire and metal lines, unique flexibility and gloss is widely used in building facades, partitions, ceiling, and the airport station, hotel, opera house, exhibition halls and other high-grade internal and external decoration.

Decorative effect is vivid, beautiful shape, elegant. Different light, different environment, different time, different viewing angle, the visual effect is very rich, reveals the elegant temperament, extraordinary personality, noble taste.



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