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Window screening

Detailed Product Description:

Screen type: stainless steel wire netting, galvanized wire netting, aluminium alloy window, plastic steel window anti-theft network, invisible screens.

Screens for windows and doors, corridors to prevent mesh insects disturbed. Made of nylon, common white, green, and blue. Window netting machine woven, and its weaving method can be divided into two kinds: a flat weave a for twist weave. The kinds and is wrapped in two kinds of side and hot side.

Materials: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, galvanized wire, PVC wire, aluminum wire.

Weaving: I type, II type (commonly known as woven) (commonly known as flash), type III (commonly known as bilateral).

Features: light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good ventilation, Yi Qingjie, etc..

Uses: used in the hotel, public buildings, residential buildings of anti mosquito.

From the 0.6m1.5m width. High-grade stainless steel screens, window screens, epoxy coated glass fiber woven fiberglass screen etc..


不锈钢窗纱 不锈钢窗纱
镀锌窗纱 镀锌窗纱


塑料隐形窗纱 塑料隐形窗纱
铝合金窗纱 铝合金窗纱


金刚网防盗窗纱 金刚网防盗窗纱
金刚网防盗窗纱 金刚网防盗窗纱
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