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Steel grid plate

Detailed Product Description:

Steel lattice plate is flat in accordance with certain spacing and cross cross the arrangement, by pressure welding machine or manual welding into the middle of a square lattice of a kind of steel products, steel grid board is mainly used to do the ditch cover plate, steel structure platform plate, steel ladder treads and. A cross bar like the after twisted steel.

Mainly include: galvanized steel grid plate, steel grid plate, steel plate, platform treads, trench cover, special-shaped steel plate


Steel grid plate is generally made of carbon steel, hot galvanized, can play a role in preventing oxidation. Can also be used in the production of stainless steel. Steel grid plate with ventilation, lighting, cooling, non slip, explosion-proof performance.


In 1, at each intersection of load flat steel and rail, through welding, riveting or pressure lock will be fixed.

2, the steel grid plate welding first use the pressure resistance welding, also can use electric arc welding.

3, the steel grid plate pressure lock can be used to press the cross bar is pressed into the fixed flat load.

4, steel grid plate should be based on the needs of the user, processing into a variety of shapes.

Distance between the 5, flat steel bar spacing and load can be determined by the supply and demand according to the design requirements. As an industrial platform, flat load recommended spacing shall not be greater than 40mm, bar spacing shall not be greater than 165mm.

Application: steel grid plate is suitable for alloy, building materials, power station, boiler. Shipbuilding. Petrochemical steel grid plate, chemical and general industrial plant, municipal construction and other industries, with ventilation and light transmission, non slip, bearing capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, easy to install, etc.. Steel grid plate has at home and abroad all walks of life to be widely used, mainly used as industrial platform, stair treads, railings, floor tunnel, railway bridge side road, aerial tower platform, drainage ditch cover, manhole covers, road grille, parking, organs, schools, factories, enterprises and institutions, playground, garden villas fence, also can be used as houses outside the window, balcony guardrail, highway and railway guardrail.



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