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Punching net

Detailed Product Description:

Punching net, material used: low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper. Can be simply divided into: galvanized punching net, stainless steel plate punching net, punching net, anti slide, etc..

Weaving and characteristics: stamping and into; by the hole; hole, square hole, diamond hole, elliptical hole, triangle hole. Durable, beautiful and easy to use.

Purpose: metal punching plate can be used for building the ceiling, wall sound-absorbing materials, can be used for building stairs, balcony, table, chairs, and beautifully decorated orifice, machinery and equipment of the door cover, gorgeous speaker net enclosures, food, feed, mines with mill sieve, sieve, sieve I-shaped, stainless steel water basket, cover food, fruit, and shopping malls with a shelf network, decoration exhibition, granary with ventilation network, filter water filter.

Production process of punching net:

1: Die

Punching process starts with the precise die design, we believe that the quality of the mold largely determines the quality of the product. So in recent years we have invested a lot of money in this area, so that we can make a significant improvement in the ability to make.

2: punching

We have advanced numerical control equipment, can be washed with high quality products, daily output can reach 2000 square meters, punching of sheet thickness in between 0.1mm-25mm.

3: cutting

Cut from the entire volume of the plate to the size you need.

4: cutting edge

If the production process of the board is out of the range of your requirements, we are skilled technical staff can press your request to remove the extra edge

5: leveling

We use the flat machine to restore the punch plate to the original level. The thickness of the plate 0.8mm-12mm plate can be leveling.

6: clean

The punching process requires the use of lubricant, but we also have a process of removing oil from the surface of the process can be removed, so that the hole plate is clean.

7: production and deep processing

In addition to the customer reservation, we can for you to provide a series of subsequent processing, including: leveling, cutting, marking, packaging, in addition to oil, to pierce, forming, annealing, painting, plating, welding, polishing, bending, roll.

8: surface treatment

Punching, leveling and cutting process will lead to the surface of the plate is not complete, but these incomplete of general industrial activities are acceptable. If you have special requirements, we will be through the powder spray or spray paint, electric galvanized, hot galvanized, anodic oxidation and other additional measures to prevent.






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